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A large integrated delivery network’s adoption of the adjuvanted recombinant zoster vaccine (Shingrix) could avoid thousands of cases of herpes zoster, and associated complications, for a low…
Researchers recently sought to understand hepatitis B vaccination response rates among health non-responders who were revaccinated with Fendrix or HBVaxPro-40.


Michael Cawley, PharmD, provides recommendations for pharmacists that support vaccinations and debunk the myths surrounding them.
A woman with shingles developed postherpetic itch and gave herself brain damage by scratching through the front of her skull. How could this development have been prevented?
Robert Mancini, PharmD, BCOP, an oncology pharmacist at MSTI, shares his thoughts on the benefits of involving pharmacists in the management of bone marrow transplant patients and how their expertise can lead to safer, more effective post-transplant…
While having his blood sugar levels checked, a patient with diabetes refuses to receive the influenza vaccine because he’s afraid it will give him the flu. What can be done to convince him to get vaccinated?

Interactive Features

The CDC recently released new recommendations for the use of a vaccine in individuals who are experiencing homelessness. What vaccine did the CDC recommend?
Newly released adult recommendations from the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices include changes for the administration of the influenza, hepatitis A and hepatitis B vaccines.
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