Research presented at the AMCP 2018 Annual Meeting found that Shingrix is cost-effective when compared with no vaccination and cost-saving compared with an older shingles vaccine.

A recent study found that when pharmacists administer vaccines the costs are significantly lower compared with medical clinicians and providers.

A study evaluated the rate of timely booster vaccinations following trauma splenectomy. 

Which vaccine delivery method is the most effective way to generate an immune response against the flu in healthy adults?

Researchers examined how well patients tolerated the new formulations of the norovirus vaccine. 

A recent study assessed the safety and efficacy of administering the live zoster vaccine in patients age 50 years or older with RA.

The CDC recently released a report on measles incidence in the US. 

older woman with nurse in hospital

This new generation of vaccine showed greater protection against shingles among older adults—and remained effective in the oldest old—while also reducing the incidence of postherpetic neuralgia.

Research recently examined the effectiveness of two doses of killed whole-cell oral cholera vaccine compared with a single dose regimen.

National gains made in vaccination rates under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act may be at risk under the proposed Senate health care bill.