Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement

This pilot study found that an education session can improve nurse knowledge of delirium. The study also demonstrated reliable administration of the RADAR screening tool. These findings suggest that methods used for this project could have implications for improving the care of patients in the skilled nursing setting at risk for delirium.

The purpose of this article is to describe the planning, implementation, and evaluation of an MA-C quality improvement initiative in the 50-bed LTC unit of one Eastern Washington NH.

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Sunny Alperson, PhD, FNP-BC, and Christianne Fowler, DNP, GNP-BC, conducted mind-body training of self-compassion for professional caregivers at an Alzheimer disease specialty center in an effort to reduce caregiver burnout and improve care delivery for patients. 

Shanthi Johnson, PhD, RD, FDC, FACSM, FGSA, and Swati Madan, PhD, investigated various post-fall assessment tools and procedures in 52 nursing facilities in Nova Scotia, Canada, by interviewing a staff member at each facility.

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Randi Berkowitz, MD, and colleagues discuss the feasibility of an alcohol and drug screening intervention that includes interviews and referrals to assess and reduce risky substance use.

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Denise L Cooper conducted a project implementing a program to improve knowledge and assessment of urinary tract signs and symptoms in LTC residents.


Authors sought to reduce INR-related after-hours calls using a a multifaceted intervention with nurse practitioners in OptumCare skilled nursing facilities.

Michael L Wolff, MD, and colleagues used an interdisciplinary problem-solving and educational approach to reduce liberally defined UTI incidence in a skilled nursing setting between 2011 and 2012.

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The pilot quality improvement project looked at using the Bristol stool scale to improve communication with long-term care patients regarding constipation.

When implementing oral health protocols that meet standards of care for geriatric residents, facilities must find a sustainable solution.