Practical Research

Practical Research

To understand the unique barriers impacting CNA ability to care for patients with dementia, the interprofessional team should consider CNA perspectives and address expressed needs through various levels of support. 

Because older adults are unlikely to ask their health care provider about driving cessation, it is incumbent upon health care providers to recognize the need for and to initiate the “driving conversation” with their older patients.

Frailty among residents of long-term care facilities (LTCFs) is associated with adverse events such as falls, weight loss, functional decline, hospitalization, and death.

Ricardo G Senno, MD, MS, FAAPMR, and colleagues conducted a 3-month observational study at 3 assisted-living communities in Illinois to investigate the correlation of hearing loss and fall risk in residents with dementia.

Samson Barasa, MD, MS, and Donald A Jurivich, DO, analyzed medical records of patients from 3 large metropolitan nursing homes to examine potential relationships between types of insurance and rehabilitation goals.

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Anupam Chandra, MD, and colleagues investigated trends in 30-day hospital readmissions among patients discharged to SNFs before and after implementation of the ACA, using interrupted time trend analysis at a community practice of an academic tertiary care center.


Maria Costello, MBBCh, and colleagues describe emergency medical service utilization of ALF residents vs nursing home residents to help guide primary care interventions to reduce emergency room visits for ALF residents. 

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Yun Cai, MSN, AGNP, and colleagues examine the results of a goal setting intervention within a patient-centered subacute model of care in a skilled nursing facility. 

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Barbara Braun presents a examples of high reliability infection prevention practices that could be included in online educational materials.

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To promote safe swallowing, food texture characteristics including viscosity, cohesiveness, adhesiveness, and food particle size are important.