“The faster we can connect our Veterans with the benefits they deserve, the smoother their transition,” Robert Wilkie, secretary of the VA, recently said. 

Machine learning techniques applied to telemonitoring datasets are better than existing algorithms at predicting COPD exacerbations requiring hospitalization and decisions to start corticosteroids, researchers found.

Through December 7, 2018, a telemedicine company is discounting its HIV prevention service line in recognition of the 30th anniversary of World AIDS Day.

Novartis recently said it was taking its experimental medicine to late-stage trials after the drug showed signs of outperforming an existing product in treating severe urticaria.

“Case-based surveillance needs to be strengthened, and coverage with MCV1 and the second dose of measles-containing vaccine needs to increase,” the researchers wrote

“It’s a great example of VA’s modernization efforts and is a significant tool in increasing Veterans’ access to care,” VA Secretary Robert Wilkie said. 

Reports of diabetes associated with immune-checkpoint inhibitors have increased markedly in the past few years, researchers report.

The problem for doctors now is that little is known about the disease: why just one child in a family will get it even though all got sick with the same virus thought to be at its root; why it may be on the rise now; what can be done to prevent it.

The Trump administration offered states specific examples of how they could change the way they implement the Affordable Care Act.

A Class II recall is active for a prescription medication indicated for the treatment of hypertension.