Computer gaming can help with brain training by exercising the brain to help moderate the effects of PD, as long as the game chosen meets the therapeutic needs of the patient.

The FDA has approved the removal of a safety warning on a treatment for lower extremity diabetic neuropathic ulcers.

In older adults with COPD, having at least 1 comorbidity is associated with a 13% greater length of stay, with each comorbidity affecting the duration differently.

Work loss costs associated with absenteeism, short-term disability, and long-term disability were two-to-four times higher for patients with ovarian cancer who took leave after initiating chemotherapy treatment, according to results of a recent study.

Richard Leon, a federal judge of the US District Court for the District of Columbia, has been asked to sign off on the government’s decision to approve CVS Health Corp’s acquisition of health insurer Aetna Inc, but has yet to sign off on the merger.

The choice of anticoagulant and PPI cotherapy may affect the risk of upper gastrointestinal-tract bleeding in the elderly, according to a recent study.

Mylan said it is expanding a nationwide voluntary recall of a blood pressure medicine to include all lots, two weeks after it recalled select batches.

According to a new post-hoc analysis of data, liraglutide may reduce the risk of major adverse cardiovascular events in older adults with type 2 diabetes.

Medicare has instructed inspectors to look for staffing inadequacies in nursing homes that report suspiciously low numbers of registered nurses and weekend workers and is encouraging more “surprise inspections” on weekends.

Guideline-recommended thresholds for statin initiation may be too low, according to the results of a recent study.