Medication Safety

Medication Safety

A 54-year-old female patient develops a urinary tract infection while hospitalized and says she once broke out in hives after taking amoxicillin. Was that an allergic reaction or an intolerance to the medication and how should the patient be treated?

At the time of hospital discharge, a pharmacist asks a 67-year-old female patient to name the medications she’s currently taking and checks the list against what’s noted in the patient’s electronic medical record. What could the pharmacist have done to ensure the patient takes her prescribed medications safely and appropriately?

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A study from eight European countries found that dementia patients age 80 or older who were living in long-term care facilities were at higher risk of receiving two or more potentially unsuitable medicines.

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Researchers implemented a multidisciplinary multistep medication review in frail nursing home residents with the aim of reducing inappropriate medication use.

Marilyn Stebbins, PharmD, a professor in the department of clinical pharmacy at the University of California, San Francisco, discusses a program that tracks and responds to concerns newly discharged patients have about their prescribed therapies.

How long past the expiration dates can medications retain full potency?

Dr Ilene Warner-Maron discusses how geriatric care could change if US providers followed the Russian standard of limiting patients to 3 prescription drugs.

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Researchers analyzed health record data of newly admitted nursing home residents with dementia taking potentially inappropriate medications to investigate use and prescription patterns.

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A recent survey identified common mistakes patients make when it comes to medication safety.

Daniel Freedberg, MD, MS, explains how an electronic alert activated during orders for intravenous proton-pump inhibitors helped to reduce medication overuse.