Medication Errors

Medication Errors

Researchers examined the rate of medication order mistakes after pharmacy staff began taking medication histories in the emergency department.

A 71-year-old female patient received Navane, an antipsychotic, instead of Norvasc, a needed antihypertensive medication, for 3 months before the error was caught and corrected. How could this medication mix-up have been prevented in the first place?

Medication error prevention continues to be a major focus as our role as a pharmacist.

The percentage of Americans sickened as a result of medication errors outside of health care facilities doubled between 2000 and 2012. 

Which type of medication is associated with the greatest incidence of serious medical harm outside of health care facilities?

A recent analysis found that the rate of serious, mostly home-based medication errors has increased over recent years.

Mark S Hausman, Jr, MD, discusses how medication errors commonly occur and how pharmacists can prevent them.

Over the past year, one medication class has accounted for 7% of error reports.

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A report was recently released regarding medication errors related to health information technology misuse.

Which method would have been most effective in differentiating the look-alike labels on the bags?