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“We found substantial underreporting of apixaban and empagliflozin [adverse drug events] that became worse at each higher level of spontaneous reporting,” researchers explained.
Researchers recently examined the economic impact of a digital behavioral intervention in type 2 diabetes mellitus and hypertension and found that digital therapeutics may provide substantial cost…


Kiersten Combs, vice president of US Cardiovascular & Metabolic Disease, and Jim McDermott, vice president of US Medical Affairs and Metabolism, both at AstraZeneca, highlight how the use of Farxiga and other SGLT2 inhibitors impact payers and…
Julie Lauffenburger, PharmD, explains how more intensive insulin-adherence interventions impact patient outcomes and highlights the challenges faced when implementing these interventions.
Christina Nguyen, senior research analyst, and Mary Beth Landrum, PhD, professor of health care policy, both at Harvard Medical School, explain why inadequate risk adjustment could counterproductively reduce payments to groups whose patient…
Dr. Susan Cornell talks with Dr. Randolph Fugit about the importance of more pharmacists becoming certified diabetes instructors.

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Does hepatitis C treatment success improve insulin resistance in patients with diabetes?
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