Cover Story

Cover Story

Health care was top of mind as voters headed to the polls November 6 for the midterm elections. In the weeks leading up to midterms, we asked a panel of experts to discuss the various health care issues at stake at the national and state levels.

Experts say concierge medicine reduces physician burnout and is better for patients. However, ethical and legal questions about transitioning a practice to a concierge model remain.

Since the implementation of changes to the 340B Drug Pricing program in January 2018, a long, growing debate over the merits and problems with the program has only strengthened. 

Our experts dig in to the Trump Administration’s blueprint to lower drug prices in order to identify which strategies may be implemented soon and discuss how payers and employers should prepare. 

First Report Managed Care spoke with Jane Lutz, PBMI’s executive director, about the recent merging of large PBMs with payers, like Express Scripts and Cigna, and how these changes will impact managed care.

Jane Lutz, executive director of PBMI, draws her on organization’s independent research to reveal what stakeholders expect of pharmacy benefits managers, how transparency (or lack thereof) factors in, and where PBMs need to step up.

The Trump administration wants to pave the way for the creation of more association health plans, in order to increase choice and lower costs. Opponents worry it will undermine the ACA marketplace.

Amazon is eyeing the pharmaceutical business; Apple has the attention of a big insurer; Google’s sister company is aiming to produce data-driven interventions— but what does it all mean for payers?

With insurers pulling out, premiums on the rise, and the presidential election on the way, the fate of Obamacare hangs in the balance.