We asked experts about Amazon in 2017, but so much has happened since. First Report Managed Care recently sought their updated analysis on the heels of the tech giant’s recent moves.

Preliminary results of a recent study show why exercise is specifically beneficial for patients with Parkinson disease and why people feel better after exercise.

In the final installment of the AHA conference series, Parag Joshi, MD, explains the major changes of the 2018 cholesterol guidelines and how these cholesterol-lowering drugs can be used in practice for First Report Managed Care readers. He also discusses the cost-effectiveness of PCSK9 inhibitors.

Michael Cawley, PharmD, discusses the impact triple therapy has on patient outcomes and why he believes triple therapy will be reserved based upon the GOLD recommendations. 

Independent of generational gaps, every pharmacist needs to have competency, but is BPS certification the only way to judge ability to practice in a proficient caring manner? 

There is one simple solution I believe could have made a significant difference on opioid dispensing at the pharmacy counter—a medical indication.

Observation studies suggest that fish consumption once or twice a week is associated with a reduced risk of heart disease, however, omega-3 fatty acid supplementation does not appear to affect the risk of death, cancer or heart disease.

“Ultimately, strategies to address the social determinants are about improving consumer health, reducing consumer costs, and improving customer satisfaction,” said Rashi Venkataraman, AHIP’s executive director of Prevention and Population Health.

It is a topic that keeps coming up – can a pharmacist decline to fill a valid prescription because of personal beliefs? 

By Julie Gould

Podcast Series:  In this episode, Steven Albelda, MD, professor of medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, Pulmonary Division, discusses a $10 million grant that Penn Medicine recently received from the National Cancer Institute and explains how a team of researchers hopes to expand the use of CAR-T therapy and improve outcomes for patients with solid tumors.