Case Study

Case Study

A patient with type 2 diabetes is given a 10-mL (1000 units) multidose vial of insulin glargine (LANTUS) for once-daily injections to manage his blood glucose levels. Within how many days should he dispose of the vial?

A recent survey revealed that too few providers were educating patients about how to properly use inhalers, and some even overestimated their knowledge of how patients should use the devices properly.

A hospital pharmacist filling an order for a high-alert medication calculates the dose, prepares a syringe, and compares the product to the drug order. What should happen next to ensure the potentially dangerous drug is administered safely?

A 66-year-old male is wheeled into the emergency department with a suspected acute ischemic stroke. How should care proceed and what role should a clinical pharmacist play in the response effort?

Intravenous bags of saline solutions have been in short supply since Hurricane Maria slammed into Puerto Rico in September and knocked out power to several IV bag manufacturing plants, including those owned by Baxter International, a leading producer of IV saline solution. What should hospitals do to manage the shortage?

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A woman with shingles developed postherpetic itch and gave herself brain damage by scratching through the front of her skull. How could this development have been prevented?

While having his blood sugar levels checked, a patient with diabetes refuses to receive the influenza vaccine because he’s afraid it will give him the flu. What can be done to convince him to get vaccinated?

A patient who’s on high-dose statins to manage low-density lipoproteins cholesterol levels complains of weakness and muscle pain. What’s the best way to manage the symptoms while maintaining the patient on statin therapy to prevent cardiovascular events from occurring?

A 72-year-old female patient with atrial fibrillation undergoes her index catheter ablation procedure. She has a CHADS2 score of 1. Should she be prescribed long-term aspirin to limit the risk of stroke?

A 28-year-old man shows up at the emergency department with severe calf pain after exercising. The patient was on prescription sertraline and said he took dietary supplements before working out. What was his ultimate diagnosis?