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"Our blood pressure trajectories data indicate that women really are different from men when it comes to how we define the health of our blood vessels and how the blood vessels respond to exposures…
According to study findings, only one in four patients on Medicare receive cardiac rehabilitation recommended to help them recover from events like a heart attack or coronary bypass surgery.


Mark Munger, PharmD, explains why pharmacists need to be vigilant on medication administration records for all patients, and intervene when necessary to avoid unnecessary drug misadventuring—especially in heart failure.
Mark Munger, PharmD, discusses why the search for improving outcomes in HFrEF using newer anti-coagulants continues.
Mark Munger, PharmD, discusses recent study findings, which show that ranolazine increases the adverse effect profile of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockers, raising concern for patient safety.
Mahmoud Barbarawi, MD, department of internal medicine at the Hurley Medical Center (Flint, Michigan), shares insights from his recent study and highlights gaps of knowledge that still exist between vitamin D supplementation and cardiovascular…
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