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"[Procalcitonin]-guided [antibiotic therapy] adherence appears safe for patients with [ventilator-associated pneumonia] and is likely to reduce exposure to antibiotics," researchers wrote.
Researchers found that a telehealth-based antimicrobial stewardship program reduced prescribing of broad-spectrum antibiotics by nearly 25%.


Pharmaceutical developments are not keeping pace with mutations in antibiotics; and, while international stakeholders recognize the severity of antimicrobial resistance, new breakthroughs in technology are needed to combat this threat.
Chanu Rhee, MD, MPH, intensivist and infectious disease physician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and assistant professor in the Department of Population Medicine at Harvard Medical School, explains why pharmacists play an important role in sepsis…
The pharmaceutical industry has primarily targeted consumers and physicians through many media platforms.
Gregory Eschenauer, PharmD, a clinical pharmacist in infectious diseases at Michigan Health, discusses an antibiotic stewardship program, the serious issue of antibiotic resistance, and why it doesn’t make sense to optimize antibiotic use in the…

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Do antibiotic prescriptions often exceed the recommended treatment durations?
A recent study examined antibiotic prescribing rates. See if you know how many antibiotics were inappropriately prescribed. 
Which scientist played a role in the discovery of penicillin and is credited with starting the “complete the course” mantra of antibiotic use?
What percentage of patients with a reported penicillin allergy will tolerate penicillin antibiotics?
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