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Talking Therapeutics With Douglas Jennings, PharmD

talking therapeutics doug jenningsTalking Therapeutics is a weekly column written by Douglas Jennings, PharmD. Dr Jennings tackles timely therapeutic topics by breaking it down into bite-sized talking points. Each week, Dr Jennings will convey high-impact clinical material in a quick, fun, easy-to-read article.

Volume 1, Issue 1

How to Talk to Patients about the COVID-19 Vaccines

In the first installment, Dr Jennings breaks down the COVID-19 vaccines, and explains how to discuss them with patients.

Volume 1, Issue 2

Preserving Hope for Patients With HFpEF

In this week’s column, Douglas Jennings, PharmD, looks at the latest updates on how heart failure is classified, and explores a novel treatment option for patients with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction.

Volume 1, Issue 3

Building a Winning Drug Therapy Team to Fight COVID-19

This week Dr Jennings explores the latest evidence for two potential COVID-19 drug therapies, and discusses whether these therapy options belong on your drug therapy team.

Volume 1, Issue 4

Fishing for Further Reductions in Residual Cardiovascular Risk

Dr Jennings reviews two of the latest trials evaluating the controversial topic of fish oils products, and attempts to get the bottom of this murky pond of conflicted evidence. 

Volume 2, Issue 1

Making Bloody Sense of Anticoagulation in Severe COVID-19 Infections

In this week’s issue of Talking Therapeutics, Dr Jennings examine the latest study surrounding the murky subject of anticoagulating patients with severe COVID-19 infection, and what it means for frontline pharmacists practicing in the hospital setting. 

Volume 2, Issue 2

Blood Pressure Potpourri

When combining the high prevalence of hypertension with new aggressive treatment targets, a lot of patients may face the risk of having to take numerous drugs. In this week’s issue of Talking Therapeutics, Dr Jennings looks at a few recent and interesting articles surrounding this timely topic.

Volume 2, Issue 3

Targeting Inflammation to Treat Coronary Artery Disease

Dr Jennings reviews evidence supporting colchicine use to further reduce residual disease burden in coronary artery disease but highlights why pharmacists need to keep several things in mind when dispensing colchicine to ensure that patients are kept safe.



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