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Hospital Management

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Patients hospitalized with pneumonia who receive antibiotic treatment longer than recommended durations have increased odds of reporting antibiotic-associated adverse events after discharge,…
Researchers have identified four geriatric-evaluation and -management strategies that can help hospitalists routinely and efficiently assess acutely ill older adults.


Intravenous bags of saline solutions have been in short supply since Hurricane Maria slammed into Puerto Rico in September and knocked out power to several IV bag manufacturing plants, including those owned by Baxter International, a leading…
What role does pharmacy have in identifying unsafe, at-risk behaviors, and what has been done to address the system shortcomings?
While a California bill to restrict payer-driven clinical pathways was defeated, a similar bill was recently proposed in Connecticut, further stoking the debate between whether or not payers should be allowed to have input in the development of…
In the last blog, we started a discussion on strategies that should be in place for pediatric patients in hospitals.
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