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“These findings suggest that the AGE-RAGE system is associated with cognitive decline and dementia cross-sectionally but not longitudinally. This indicates either a short-term association or reverse…
Researchers found that although untreated pain is common among nursing home residents with dementia, there is also a significant number of residents receiving analgesics without having pain.


Reisa A Sperling, MD, Center for Alzheimer Research and Treatment, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, discusses her recent study and explains the association between increased amyloid levels with worse cognition and subtle changes…
Qu Tian, PhD, MS, staff scientist, Translational Gerontology Branch, National Institute on Aging, discusses the findings of her recent study that examined dementia risk in older adults experiencing dual decline in both memory and gait.
Brian Callaghan, MD, MS, associate professor of neurology, University of Michigan, discusses the correlation between out-of-pocket costs and adherence to medications among older adults with dementia, Parkinson disease, and neuropathy.
Carrie Patnode, PhD, MPH, investigator with Kaiser Permanente Evidence-based Practice Center, discusses the results of a recent research review that examined the accuracy of brief screening instruments designed to help detect mild cognitive…

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Along with memory decline, what other factor is associated with an increased risk of dementia development among older adults?
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