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Pharmacy Learning Network
By Yvette C Terrie, BS Pharm, RPh, consultant pharmacist It’s over one year later and COVID-19 is still part of all of our lives. Great strides have been made in learning more about the transmission, prevention and treatment of COVID-19. Moreover, many individuals are trying their best to get back…
Pharmacy Learning Network
By Ken Cahill, CEO and co-founder of SilverCloud Health The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light many pain points within the healthcare system which need to be addressed. One of those near the top of the list is our approach to mental health treatment. Mental health symptoms for millions have…
Pharmacy Learning Network
By Ashley Chiara, PharmD, clinical pharmacy consultant, Clinical Pharmacy Services, University of Massachusetts Medical School Unlike many costly speciality medications and gene therapies requiring diligent financial forecasting, antidepressants do not fit the typical description of a “high-cost”…
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