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Fall Risk Expert Insights

Annals of Long-Term Care
By Renee Campbell, MD, MBA, MPH, Global Value and Access Epilepsy and Sleep lead, Genevieve De Sousa Meier, Executive Director, Head of Global Value and Access, and Amir Abbas Tahami Monfared, executive director, Franchise Head of Global Value, Access, Pricing and HEOR, all from Eisai  Insomnia is…
Annals of Long-Term Care
Donovan T Maust, MD, MS, geriatric psychiatrist, discusses his recent study highlighting the rates of overdoses among adults aged 65 to 69 as well as fall-related injuries among adults 80 years and older following Medicare’s expansion of benzodiazepine coverage.   
Annals of Long-Term Care
At a recent conference hosted by National Aging Services Risk Management (NASRM), one of my fellow presenters made the following statement during her presentation: “Comfortable people don’t fall.”  The speaker, Tena Alonzo, caused the audience to pause at this extremely simple yet compelling idea…
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