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Population Points: Insights From the Editor-in-Chief

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This monthly column by Mitch Kaminski, MD, MBA, Editor-in-Chief, will explore various population health topics. Dr Kaminski will provide insight into current trends, latest updates, and major events in the health care industry.

Understanding and Identifying Key Components of Population Health

As we kick off the new year, Mitch Kaminski, MD, MBA, editor-in-chief, Population Health Learning Network, discusses the various components of population health and explores themes he hopes to tackle in 2021.

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Confronting Vaccine Hesitancy

Mitch Kaminski, MD, MBA, editor-in-chief, discusses his recent experience with a patient regarding vaccine hesitancy, breaks down the history of anti-vaccine sentiment, and explains why vaccine hesitancy is about much more than just the vaccine.

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Waste in Health Care

Mitch Kaminski, MD, MBA, editor-in-chief, breaks down current waste estimates in health care, and says that until incentives are better aligned for value-based care, addressing waste will continue to proceed slowly.

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Who Pays for Health Care?

“Although public and private organizations pay the bills, each of us—whether through Federal and State taxes, our organizational budgets, or out-of-pocket expenses—pay for health care,” says Dr Kaminski in this month’s Population Points. “Applying principles of population health can help us to do that more efficiently.”

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