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PLN Editorial Description

About Pharmacy Learning Network

The expanded web-based home for Pharmacy Learning Network (PLN) is a multichannel resource delivering even more of the comprehensive examination of pharmacy-specific issues and expert insights that learners expect from the live, regional conferences offered by PLN.


Pharmacy Learning Network has expanded into more than regional meetings:

  • Pharmacy Learning Network— PLN is a full-service website highlighting the latest in pharmacy news, unique editorial perspectives, and on-demand education for pharmacists.
  • E-newsletter —PLN’s newsletters are a convenient and comprehensive way for busy pharmacists to catch up on the latest developments in treatment protocols, therapeutic areas, and pharmacy management. Thorough examination of pressing pharmacy issues are delivered straight to your inbox.
  • On-Demand CPE Courses — PLN offers online directory of timely and interactive CPE programs, many captured live at regional PLN meetings across the country. Participation is easy, convenient, and a great way to continually earn CPE credits


About the Publisher

HMP is the force behind Healthcare Made Practical—and is a multichannel leader in healthcare events and education, with a mission to improve patient care. The company produces accredited medical education events and clinically relevant, evidence-based content for the global healthcare community across a range of therapeutic areas. For more information, visit

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