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Among a study population of older adults with type 2 diabetes who were US veterans, researchers found that the use of metformin for more than 2 years was associated with a lower incidence of…
Researchers recently identified a treatment associated with a significant, positive effect of increased overall survival in type 2 diabetes patients with pancreatic cancer and lymphoma.


Julie Lauffenburger, PharmD, explains how more intensive insulin-adherence interventions impact patient outcomes and highlights the challenges faced when implementing these interventions.
Tom Morrow, MD, discusses how a digital platform allows diabetes coaches to track lifestyle behavior in real-time to make instant interventions.
Tom Morrow, MD, discusses how a “smart” weight scale is helping to engage patients in weight loss in order to reduce their risk for developing pre-diabetes.
With the Affordable Care Act mandating payment for prediabetes counseling, CMS announced it will pay for lifestyle modification coaching for Medicare patients.

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Does hepatitis C treatment success improve insulin resistance in patients with diabetes?
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