Volume 9 - Issue 8 - August, 2001 - ALTC

Issue 8
August, 2001


Speakers: Gary J. Kennedy, MD, Barnett S. Meyers, MD, Soo Borson, MD, and George Alexopoulos, MD

Depressive symptoms are known to be more common than major depressive disorder in late life. | Read More

Speakers: Alan B. Miller, MD, Steven E. Nissen, MD, and Anthony De Franco, MD

Dr. Miller explains that as cholesterol levels increase, the risk for death increases. | Read More

Speakers: Chesley Richards, Jr, MD, MPH, Dan Osterweil, MD, CMD, and Charles W. Stratton, MD

In about many cases of community-acquired pneumonia, the most common cause is S. pneumoniae, and the highest incidence occurs in the elderly. | Read More

Speakers: Lon S. Schneider, MD, R. Eugene Ramsay, MD, and Anton Porteinsson, MD

At a symposium, speakers discussed anticonvulsants in elderly patients. The incidence of seizures in the elderly is six to eight times higher than in any other age group. | Read More


Speakers: June L. Dahl, PhD, David E. Joranson, MSSW, and Wendy Stein, MD, CMD

The following executives speak about their role in improving the quality of care of those in Long-Term Care. | Read More