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Annals of Long-Term Care

December 2020
· Issue



Zainab Shahid, BS1 • Ricci Kalayanamitra, BS2 • Andrew Groff, BS2 • Elizabeth Packard, BS2 • Ravi Patel, DO3 • Ramarao Vunnam, MD3 • Dhirisha Bhatt, MD3 • Rohit Jain, MD3

Ann Longterm Care. 2020;28(4):14-18. DOI: 10/25270/ALTC.2020.2.00096 Received August 22, 2019; accepted October 31, 2019. Published online February 18, 2020.
Case Report

Brittany A Oster, BS • Michael Bogaisky, MD • Rubina Malik, MD, MSc

Ann Longterm Care. 2020;28(4):19-23. doi:10.25270/altc.2019.12.00093 Received June 2, 2019; accepted August 6, 2019. Published online January 6, 2020.


AGS Viewpoint

American Geriatrics Society (AGS)


ECRI Strategies

Victor Lane Rose, MBA, NHA, FCPP, CPASRM—Column Editor

Ann Longterm Care. 2020;28(4):11-13. doi:10.25270/altc.2020.12.00001
Diving Into Dementia

Joseph R Herrera, MSW1 Kristyan Cortez-Sanchez, MSW1 Freddi Segal-Gidan, PA, PhD2—Column Editor

Ann Longterm Care. 2020;28(4):9-10. doi:10.25270/altc.2020.12.00002
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