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UnitedHealth Partners With Walgreens for Integrated Urgent Care Clinics

December 07, 2017

According to recent reports, Med Express—a group of urgent care clinical owned by UnitedHealth—is partnering with Walgreens to integrate with its pharmacy services.

In an interview with CNBC, Adam Holyk, chief marketing officer at Walgreens announced the partnership with Med Express. He stated that Walgreens will partner with Med Express in four states to open pilot stores that integrate the Med Express urgent care clinics with its retail pharmacy stores.

Mr Holyk said that under the new agreement, the level of service and care at the Med Express/Walgreens integrated clinics would be higher than at average urgent cares or “minute clinics”. Rival CVS has more than 1,000 minute clinic pharmacy that offer basic health services in the pharmacy such as flu shots and screenings.

“In the areas that we are curating, we are trying to understand what consumers value,” Mr Holyk told CNBC. “It is all part of our brand transformation ... looking at the needs of our core customers, and we will continue to innovate.”

This announcement comes at the same time UnitedHealth announced it was purchasing an urgent care unit from Davita, expanding its network of urgent care clinics. Another recent shake up in the pharmacy world includes CVS’ purchase of Aetna, which could also lead to streamlining some pharmacy and medical services within the pharmacy setting.

The Minneapolis/St Paul Business Journal reported that this deal appears to have been in the works for some time. According to the report, there are currently 11 urgent care centers attached to Walgreens pharmacies in five states: Minnesota, Nebraska, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia.

“This is a pilot concept and collaboration to provide more convenient access to health care services,” Walgreens told the Journal in an email. According to the spokesperson, Med Express and Walgreens plan to open more locations in Nevada.

David Costill

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