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Pharmacist View of Organizational Climate Affects Retention

August 15, 2019

A new study found a significant association between organizational climate, job stress, workplace burnout, and retention of pharmacists. Researchers published their findings online in the Journal of Occupational Health. 

“Health professionals face irregular work schedules, excessive job stress, and subpar work environments,” researchers wrote, “all of which can easily cause mental and physical fatigue, reduce work satisfaction, affect their intention to stay, and result in high turnover rates.”  

The findings are based on survey responses from 101 pharmacists who practiced at three teaching hospitals.  

While organizational climate, job stress, and workplace burnout—along with various demographic data—demonstrated a predictive power of 55.6% for pharmacist retention, the study found a significant positive correlation between organizational climate and pharmacists’ intention to stay. 

“The higher the level of positive perception that employees had toward the organizational climate, the higher the employees’ commitment to staying was,” researchers wrote. “Thus, organizations that pay attention to organizational climate can reduce employees’ intention to leave.” 

Pharmacists responding to the survey largely valued their organization’s goals and performance standards, according to the study, as well as the strong, supportive interpersonal relationships with other employees. However, many respondents did not feel appreciated by their organization and were not satisfied with the promotions and rewards offered.

“Hospital management teams should pay attention to changes in the environment, social dynamics, and the labor market to formulate a favorable organizational climate and establish a supportive work environment and meaningful pharmacy‐based work content,” researchers advised. “If they do so, employees should be willing to approve and accept the systems planned by their organizations.” 

Jolynn Tumolo


Lan YL, Huang WT, Kao CL, Wang HJ. The relationship between organizational climate, job stress, workplace burnout, and retention of pharmacists [published online August 13, 2019]. J Occup Health. doi: 10.1002/1348-9585.12079

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