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New Partnership Aims at Improving Community Pharmacy Care Management

June 26, 2019

According to a recent press release, Epic Pharmacies Inc and ERX-Direct, a newly formed community pharmacy venture that is part of Health in Motion Network, have announced that they have signed a four-year agreement, and together they will identify and develop ongoing improvements to pharmacy care management.

Epic Pharmacies Inc. and ERX-Direct, two industry leaders, recognize pharmacy is at a crossroads,” ERX-Direct explained in a statement. “In a heavily disrupted marketplace characterized by shifting payer attitudes and patient empowerment, neither incremental adjustments nor steady evolution is likely to halt the decline of the traditional business model; therefore, a bold shift in the operational model is necessary. 

Through this new partnership, the two companies will continue to improve pharmacy care management. Together, they will aim to service their networks with ease and consistency for the delivery of prescription products.

"ERX-Direct is excited to partner with an industry pioneer to expand our collaborative pharmacy business model nationally," Brian Slusser of ERX-Direct said in a statement. "Our success is founded upon consolidating existing strengths in the market, further driven by our leadership, who have a track record of providing sustainable solutions in healthcare over many years."

Additionally, the partnership will “enable a simplified patient care coordination with both primary and urgent care centers in the Health in Motion Network, removing the current gaps in this coverage, and setting a new paradigm for enhanced care in our communities.

"Epic Pharmacies Inc. is excited to embark on this new partnership to help our pharmacies find growth solutions outside traditional models," said Epic Pharmacies Chief Executive Officer Jay Romero, RPh. "The future of pharmacy needs innovative solutions. This first development is a stepping stone for a stronger future for community pharmacy."

—Julie Gould


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