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New Collaboration to Offer Integrated Digital Health Solutions

September 13, 2018

Royal Philips, a leader in health technology, and Integron, a provider of managed IoT services for connected health, have announced a new collaboration that will enable health care providers to build and deploy connected health solutions aimed at improving patient outcomes while reducing costs.

The Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform, an open and secure platform of services and tools is designed to enable the development of next-generation connected health and wellness innovations. The platform provides a range of digital tools for application developers and solution providers to enable universal 'Big Data' management, predictive analytics, and Artificial Intelligence in support of health management by consumers and care professionals. Further, HealthSuite provides a secure environment that can simplify and accelerate cloud services, which can also save providers the cost of hardware, software, compliance, and staff.

"As healthcare technologies continue to mature and evolve, the demand for integrated solutions has increased significantly," Bryan Lubel, president of Integron, said in a statement. "Working with Philips, we're able to provide advanced data integration and analysis capabilities, giving our healthcare customers a foundational option from which to build long-term technology strategies."

The Philips’ cloud platform will allow consumers of Integron’s connected health offering to access and process data in compliance with HIPAA requirements for a variety of health care applications. Through use of open APIs, the HealthSuite platform allows for easier integration of data from disparate sources, including electronic medical records, diagnostic and imaging equipment, and personal mobile devices. Further, when HealthSuite and Integron’s suite of device procurement, management, and deployment services are combined, a comprehensive foundation for the deployment of connected health solutions is created.

"Our collaboration with Integron is a significant step towards simplifying solution deployment and enabling healthcare providers to leverage the value of data to improve the patient experience whilst reducing costs," Dale Wiggins, general manager of Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform at Philips, expressed. "Integron is an expert in managed services and this relationship will not only allow us to help our customers get to market more quickly, but also help them reach scale in meaningful ways."

Julie Gould

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