Medfusion Joins AMA Patient-Centered Health Care Data Collection Initiative

January 10, 2019

Medfusion, a health care technology company, has announced they will join the American Medical Association’s (AMA) Integrated Health Model Initiative (IHMI). Through the initiative, the AMA hopes to accelerate a patient-centric approach to health care data collection, organization, and sharing.

“The ultimate goal of IHMI is to unleash a new era of better, more effective patient care,” said AMA CEO James L. Madara, MD. “Harnessing the power of health data to benefit both the clinician and the patient is absolutely critical. We look forward to working with Medfusion and the other IHMI participants on real-world solutions based on a common data model.”

The health and technology sectors are brought together with IHMI. According to a company press release, bringing together these two sectors fills “a national imperative to pioneer common data model standards that transform fragmented and inaccessible health data into a rich stream of accessible and actionable information.”

Through the use of Medfusion’s Patient Experience Platform, patient-centered data sharing will become available. Further, the platform will drive efficiency for clinicians looking to improve outcomes, transition to value-based care reimbursement, reduce costs and improve patient-provider communications. Medfusion’s platform will also extend the aggregation and sharing of health records to enable health systems and ACOs to provide a longitudinal health record for their patients. Lastly, the platform will allow patient-initiated health record sharing for clinical trials/research, wellness programs and apps, and more.

“Medfusion has always believed that patients should be at the center of the health data model,” said Kimberly Labow, Medfusion CEO. “Working in the AMA Integrated Health Model Initiative, we can continue to advance health IT in that direction, while also ensuring it is physician-optimized to streamline care and ultimately improve outcomes and information-sharing,” Ms Labow continued.

Medfusion is joining a growing list of IHMI participants. Current participants include:  IBM, Cerner, Intermountain Healthcare, American Heart Association and American Medical Informatics Association. Participation in IHMI is open to all health care and technology stakeholders.

Julie Gould


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