June 2018 - First Report Managed Care

Issue 6
June 2018


Mary Beth Nierengarten

What the US health care system does not primarily focus on, is how to maintain and improve the health of individuals through services that are not directly linked to a medical need. | Read More

Paul Nicolaus

While the media is focused on the impact of threats to the health care industry from outside forces like Amazon and Walmart, Payers have been quietly buying up huge provider groups from across the country, indicating that the biggest changes are likely to come from within.   | Read More

Dean Celia

Our experts dig in to the Trump Administration’s blueprint to lower drug prices in order to identify which strategies may be implemented soon and discuss how payers and employers should prepare.  | Read More


Richard G Wenzel, PharmD, Pharmacologist at the Diamond Headache Inpatient Unit

Richard G Wenzel, PharmD, pharmacologist at the Diamond Headache Inpatient Unit, discusses novel therapies for acute migraines that provide an opportunity to reassess migraine approaches for this undertreated and widespread illness. | Read More
A poster presented at the AAPM 2018 Annual Meeting found that smoked cannabis is a cost-effective treatment for pain related to diabetic neuropathy when added to second- and third-line treatments. | Read More

David Costill

An interview with Albert Thigpen, president and chief operating officer of CastiaRx. | Read More

Jennifer Forster, MPA, director of Medicaid Strategy at HMS Eliza

According to a report from the Kaiser Family Foundation, social determinants of health are “the structural determinants and conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work, and age.” | Read More