December 2018 - First Report Managed Care

Issue 12
December 2018


Mary Beth Nierengarten

Retaining quality care at affordable rates is at the top of the list for many patients. But what is being done from the managed care markets to ensure that patients maintain their health without breaking the bank? | Read More

Paul Nicolaus

The United States most significant healthcare reform law is consistently in headlines, conversations, and the minds of payers and carriers alike. Since its inception, its effectiveness has been a subject of debate but as another year comes to a close, attention turns to what 2019 will bring.  | Read More

Dean Celia

As Congress heads back into session, one of the issues they hope to tackle is addressing rising prescription drug costs. But while this is happening, who is watching the other sectors that contribute significantly more than pharma to overall health spending? | Read More


A look at the drugs approved in 2018. Part 1 includes: Dermatology, Genetic Diseases, and Immunology | Read More
A look at the drugs approved in 2018. Part 2 includes: Infectious Disesases, Neurology, and Oncology | Read More
A look at the drugs approved in 2018. Part 3 includes: Opthalmology, Pain Management, Respiratory Diseases, and Women's Health | Read More

Mark Luck Olson, CEO, Trainer Rx

After decades of trial and careful use, the time has come for “telemedicine” to complete its transformation to “telehealth.” By the end of 2019, we foresee that telehealth will begin to approach mainstream use as a standard of care. | Read More