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Cigna Reports Cost Savings Associated With Fusing Medical, Drug, and Behavioral Benefits

January 07, 2020

An annual analysis conducted by Cigna shows meaningful savings and improved engagement for enrollees with combined medical, pharmacy, and behavioral benefits.

The fourth annual Value of Integration study, published recently, shows that enrollees save an average of $850 annually when their medical, pharmacy, and behavioral benefits are combined, with an even more significant $7400 in savings for customers with complex conditions.

Results of the study are based on a two-year analysis of more than 2.3 million insurance claims from Cigna enrollees.

For patients with an oncology diagnosis, potential savings amounted to over $11500 and 24% lower inpatient costs.

In terms of increased engagement, Cigna saw 17% more enrollees utilizing programs, “such as counseling for conditions like diabetes and heart disease; lifestyle or wellness coaching to help with weight management and smoking cessation; and personal case management for more complex conditions like rheumatoid arthritis or cancer.”

The 2019 study also showed a 32% decrease in mental health readmission rates and an 18% reduction in out-of-network behavioral claims.

"We mobilize across the continuum of care—eliminating gaps in care, getting ahead of disease, and driving interventions with customers and providers that guide their next best actions," said Matt Totterdale, senior vice president, Cigna Pharmacy, in a press release. "This ultimately makes it easier for customers to understand their health care choices and helps protect against surprise costs.”

Cigna’s study also saw, “Improved outcomes for individuals in need of treatment for opioid misuse—with a 15% higher rate of receiving misuse treatment and 30% reduction in subsequent overdoses when experienced one year prior.

“Our integrated approach maximizes every opportunity to deliver a health care experience that is affordable, predictable and simple," concluded Mr Totterdale.

—Edan Stanley


Cigna. Combining medical, pharmacy and behavioral benefits delivers annual savings of more than $850 per customer with an identified health improvement opportunity [press release]. Updated January 6, 2019. Accessed January 7, 2020.


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