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Antibiotic Recalled

February 07, 2018

Citing drug subpotency, JCB Laboratories is recalling cefuroxime ophthalmic solution for injection, 10 mg/mL, 0.3 mL-single-use syringes. The voluntary recall of the compounded drug was included in the February 7, 2018, US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Enforcement Report.

The recall covers a total 6510 syringes distributed within the United States from lots C274-000002725 (beyond-use date 1/21/18), C274-000002790 (beyond-use date 1/28/18), C274-000002989 (beyond-use date 2/13/18), C274-000003008 (beyond-use date 2/14/18), and C274-000003077 (beyond-use date 2/20/18).

JCB Laboratories initiated the recall January 24, 2018. The FDA designated the recall class III January 30, 2018. A Class III designation suggests use of the drug is not likely to cause an adverse health reaction.

An intracameral injection of cefuroxime is used at the end of cataract surgery to prevent infection.

Jolynn Tumolo


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