Amerigroup, CareMore Health Expand Partnership to Lower Costs, Improve Care Quality

November 5, 2018

In an effort to increase consumer access to high-quality and affordable care, Amerigroup and CareMore Health have announced that Amerigroup has added CareMore to its preferred list of care providers for all its Medicare Advantage (MA) plans.

Beginning on January 1, 2019, CareMore’s health care providers will be available in-network for MA plans. Ultimately, this will result in lower out-of-pocket costs for consumers compared to seeing a care provider outside of Amerigroup’s network.

“Amerigroup understands the dynamic needs of consumers in this ever-changing healthcare environment, and as such, we strive to develop innovative solutions and collaborations with care providers that make it simpler for individuals to access care and lead healthier lives,” Ken Satrom, president of Amerigroup Texas Medicare, said in a statement. “We welcome this opportunity to continue to work with CareMore to give consumers the quality healthcare they expect from us.”

The innovative model by CareMore employs solutions that have been proven effective for improving health for patients with complex health needs. For Amerigroup Medicare members who select CareMore Health as their primary care provider, they will gain access to a team of CareMore’s health professionals including doctors, nurse practitioners, community health workers, pharmacists, and behavioral health specialists who work in unison to offer customized and integrated care.

Amerigroup currently offers numerous health plans that meet the needs of patients eligible for Medicare, which include Amerivantage Classic (HMO), Amerivantage Dual Coordination (HMO SNP), and Amerivantage Dual Secure (HMO SNP).

In September, Amerigroup and CareMore Health announced the launch of their partnership in Texas to expand care options for Amerigroup Medicaid consumers. Notably, the new CareMore Health Care center is located in downtown Fort Worth.

“CareMore Health is proud to work with Amerigroup to extend our integrated care delivery system to individuals in the area who receive Medicare,” said Karim Kaissi, general manager of CareMore Health Texas. “CareMore has provided holistic approaches to addressing complex medical conditions and social barriers to health for over twenty-five years, and we are excited to expand this care to more people who need it in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.”

Julie Gould

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