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Amazon, Arcadia Group Partner, Offer Exclusive Brand of Medical Devices

October 30, 2018

Amazon will begin selling an exclusive brand of medical devices for diabetes and hypertension management straight to consumers in a partnership with Arcadia Group.

Known as the “Choice brand,” Amazon will begin selling a range of blood glucose monitors and blood pressure monitors. Both devices will have supporting mobile apps that offer measurement, tracking, data mobility, and reminders.

“The Choice brand is all about accessible wellness,” Bob Guest CEO of Arcadia Group, said in a statement. “Consumers no longer need to drive to a store to stand in-line and purchase their medical devices and supplies. Now, in the privacy of their home, consumers can review, compare and purchase the products of their choice.”

Amazon’s Choice brand will offer both conventional models and devices that are enabled with Bluetooth connectivity features. It is expected that the brand will offer exceptional value versus what is available at traditional retail pharmacy outlets.

“No insurance is required,” Mr Guest explained. “Therefore, customers have the freedom of choice. They will no longer be told by their insurance company what brand they can by. Choice is freedom.”

Currently, Arcadia is widely known as the original makers of Walmart’s ReliOn brand as well as Abbott’s Freestyle line of diabetes devices.

“Our products are best in class and very affordable,” Mr Guest said. “Over time we intend to incorporate voice driven measurement interpretation as well as individualize wellness recommendations. This is all possible with Alexa, and will provide patients with a wellness experience not available until now.”

Julie Gould

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