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August 12, 2011

Tech Spotlight

Lexicomp Expands Service to HP TouchPad

From smartphones to tablet devices, technology is playing an increasingly critical role in healthcare management. By 2015, 500 million smartphone users worldwide will be using a healthcare application, according to a recent FDA statement. Mobile medical applications (“apps”) on smartphones and Internet-ready handheld devices are helping clinicians make timely and accurate prescribing decisions for patients by providing quick and easy access to drug information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Lexicomp, a leading provider of medical information and clinical content solutions, already provides worldwide access to its electronic library of drug information to more than 1500 hospitals and thousands of clinicians worldwide. On July 13, 2011, the company expanded its reach further with the launch of Lexicomp On-Hand for the HP TouchPad tablet computer.

 “Our webOS app for TouchPad provides clinicians a larger, tablet-sized view for easily viewing our drug information resources and especially specific content areas like charts and special touchpadtopics,” said Steven Kerscher, vice president and general manager, Lexicomp, in a press release. “The HP TouchPad also offers unique user interface features, such as multitasking and card stacking—which are not available on other platforms.”

The TouchPad is the most recent platform to use Lexicomp’s comprehensive medical software. The software, which provides point-of-care data to help ensure compliance and to improve patient safety and care, is also available to healthcare providers at their fingertips via the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, BlackBerry, Palm OS, Microsoft PocketPC, and Windows Mobile.

For a complete reference of more than 1200 laboratory tests and internal medicine and diagnostic radiology procedures, download the Lexi-Lab Diagnostic Procedures application. For a compressive and searchable database of drugs, download the Lexi-Drugs application (pictured), which conveniently lists all drugs by brand name and generic name, and contains up to 67 categories of information for each drug, including information on dosage, pricing, adverse reactions, and pregnancy risk factors. The Lexi-infectious Disease application is also useful, as it combines information on hundreds of disease syndromes, organisms, diagnostic tests, and therapies into one all-inclusive resource. Healthcare practitioners can learn more and download free 30-day trial versions of the products at


New Tool Aims to Address Social Isolation Among Elderly

Among the elderly, loneliness is a health risk factor that is twice as detrimental as being obese and equal to the risk of smoking cigarettes and using alcohol, according to research presented in the Public Library of Science Medicine. Many other studies show that constant social interaction helps preserve the physical and mental health of aging seniors. On July 19, 2011, Intel-GE Care Innovations announced the launch of Care Innovations Connect, a new product designed to help older adults stay active and social, while helping professional caregivers monitor their changing needs.

Developed in partnership with seniors and senior service providers, the Connect is an easy-to-use and customizable device that combines a range of brain fitness games, medication compliance reminders, and wellness surveys that facilitate communication between patients and caregivers. The Connect also provides seniors with simple social networking tools, such as access to community news and social calendars. Professional caregivers have secure access to the resident’s wellness data, which enables them to proactively respond to potential issues. The system offers both an in-home digital device for seniors and an online portal for caregivers’ access.

The product’s first customer was the Evangelical Homes of Michigan, a leading senior service provider. It has been testing the Connect system with a home-based focus since 2010. Thus far, caregivers have reported significant improvements to residents’ well-being. “Since social isolation and loneliness are common experiences for many older adults, we chose Connect to assist us in enhancing the interaction and service between our lifestyle coaches and clients.  It lets our clients feel engaged and cared for on a daily basis, making it especially relevant and effective for our members,” said Denise Rabidoux, president and chief executive officer, Evangelical Homes.

For more information on Care Innovations Connect, visit the Website at  


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