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Atlantis Offers White Paper On Chronic Illness Self-Management

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LONDON, Sept. 16, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Atlantis Healthcare, a global leader in patient self-management and behavior change, announces today the issue of its first in a series of white papers on patient self-management in chronic illness demonstrating the need for healthcare support systems to adapt to meet the changing demands of the chronic disease landscape.  The paradigm shift from acute to chronic disease management has increased the importance of patients taking more responsibility for their own healthcare.

There are currently a variety of systems in place to help patients better self-manage their health, including a wealth of digital trackers and programs promoting overt actions such as moving more, eating better and reminding you to take your medication.  However, the "Self-Management in Chronic Illness" white paper proposes that this is only part of the solution; healthcare systems should also be targeting covert behaviors, such as thoughts and feelings, to ensure truly patient centered support delivers meaningful and sustained outcomes.

In addition to an examination of published literature in this area, the paper showcases the "Atlantis Healthcare Self-Management Framework", which builds on key tenets of behavioral science, including health psychology and behavioral economics, to help formulate behavior change interventions that address multiple behaviors (overt and covert) and are engaging, commercially relevant and can effectively utilize state of the art concepts and technology solutions.  

Clare Moloney, Clinical Strategy Director at Atlantis Healthcare said; "Definitions of health related patient self-management are many and come from a variety of perspectives, including what good support looks like and how to facilitate self-management behaviors, these different perspectives are vital as they demonstrate that, despite its individualistic name, patient Self-Management cannot occur in isolation from broader healthcare and social systems."

"At the center of all this, is always a person; a patient or individual with their own experiences, motivations, needs, challenges and circumstances.  The Atlantis Healthcare Self-Management framework helps ensure that our solutions provide the best support available to meet the patient needs".

To download the white paper and learn more about Atlantis Healthcare's approach to delivering best in class patient self-management solutions, visit

Atlantis Healthcare leverages health psychology to develop and deliver uniquely personalized healthcare solutions that drive sustained improvement in patient outcome through self-management, treatment adherence across chronic diseases.

With the largest team of globally recognized health psychology experts in a commercial setting, supported by creative and digital product experts, Atlantis Healthcare uses clinically proven models and academic research to develop award-winning behavior change programs, helping patients achieve better health outcomes. The group provides products and services across the globe from offices in Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Spain, UK and the US.

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