2011 Annual Author and Subject Index: Page 4 of 4

December 13, 2011

Infectious Disease

Edwards-Marshall M. Can Probiotics Prevent Antibiotic- or Clostridium difficile-Associated Diarrhea in Long-Term Care Residents? 2011;19(6):28-32.


Letters to the Editor

Carlson K. If it Were You Who Were Dying. Response from: Melle-Green R. 2011;19(1):17.

Cefalu CA. Improved Vaccines for the Elderly Residing in LTC. 2011;19(5):20.

Neault M. Urgent Care in the Nursing Home. Response from Stefanacci R. 2011;19(5):20-21.

Rogers S; Old JL. The Medicare Hospice Benefit: A Changing Philosophy of Care? Response from Cefalu CA. 2011;19(5):21-22.

Gessert, Rubin TA. Probiotics and Clostridium difficile Infection in Long-Term Care. 2011;19(9):12-13.

Allen TJ. Try This: Spirituality Assessment. 2011;19(9):13.


Medicare Update

Stefanacci RG. Urgent Care in the Nursing Home: Aligning the Incentives. 2011;19(2):22-24.

Stefanacci RG. Improving the Care of ‘Dual Eligibles’—What’s Ahead. 2011;19(9):26-30.

Pettis J. Assessing Skin for Pressure Damage: Review of the Revised Section M of the MDS 3.0. 2011;19(10):28.


Meeting Report

Keenan J. American Thoracic Society 2011 International Conference. 2011;19(7):39-42.

Loguidice C. Wild on Wounds and AALTCN 2011 Conference Recap. 2011;19(10):37-41.


Neurodegenerative Disorders and Care

Aggarwal L, Cervo F. Therapeutic Management of Late-Stage Parkinson’s Disease: Review of the Movement Disorder Society’s Guidelines. 2011;19(12):42-46.

Gordon M. Assault as Treatment: Mythology of CPR in End-of-Life Dementia Care. 2011;19(5):31-32.

Nguyen ML, Patel SB, Shapiro MA. Scheduled Low-Dose Risperidone for Agitation in Elderly Patients. 2011;19(2):40-43.



Hilleary G, Ferrini R. Aqua WOW: Creating Healthy Choices at Medication Pass Times. 2011;19(7):33-36.

Papas E, Cluxton RJ. Vitamin D: Beneficial for Pain, Fracture, and Falls in Long-Term Care Residents? 2011; 19(5):33-36.


Photo Quiz

Bernacki RE. Dyspnea and Mild Intermittent Cough in a Nonagenarian. 2011;19(11):29-30.



Bogue BZ. Safe Resident Handling Programs: Benefits and Strategies to Strengthen Practice. 2011;19(7):26-27.

Gutkowski S. The Biggest Wound: Oral Health in Long-Term Care Residents. 2011;19(7):23-25.

Cefalu CA. The Medicare Hospice Benefit: A Changing Philosophy of Care? 2011;19(1):43-48.

Ferrini R. So You Want to be a Medical Director? 2011;19(6):43-44.

Garrett JH. Healthcare-Associated Infections and Environmental Disinfection in Nursing Homes. 2011;19(10):30-33.


Practical Research

Port A, Barrett VW, Gurland BJ, Perez M, Riti F. Engaging Nursing Home Residents in Meaningful Activities. 2011;19(12):20-26.


Transitional Care

Malone M, Howell T, Hussain SW, Roche VML. Moving a Noncompliant Patient to Long-Term Care Against Her Wishes. 2011;19(4):35-40.

Samala RV, Galindo DJ, Ciocon JO. Transitioning Nursing Home Patients with Dementia to Hospice Care: Basics, Benefits, and Barriers. 2011;19(4):41-47.

Kackman A, Corbett CF, Schumann L, Setter SM. Medication Reconciliation for Older Adults Transitioning from Long-Term Care to Home. 2011;19(8):25-29.


Try This

Assessing Pain in Older Adults with Dementia. 2011;19(5):23-24.

The Kayser-Jones Brief Oral Health Status Examination (BOHSE). 2011;19(5):13-14.

Assessment of Spirituality in Older Adults: FICA Spiritual History Tool. 2011;19(7):47.

Fulmer T. Elder Mistreatment Assessment. 2011;19(8):47.

Coke LA. Vascular Risk Assessment of the Older Cardiovascular Patient: The Ankle Brachial Index (ABI). 2011;19(8):55.

Coke LA. Cardiac Risk Assessment of the Older Cardiovascular Patient: The Framingham Global Risk Assessment Tools. 2011;19(10)55-56.

Tennant KF. Assessment of Fatigue in Older Adults: the FACIT Fatigue Scale (Version 4). 2011;19(11):51-52.


Washington Update

Washington Update. 2011;19(2):12-14.

Washington Update. 2011;19(4):11-12.

Washington Update. 2011;19(6):19-20, 23.

Washington Update. 2011;19(8):14.

Washington Update. 2011;19(10):13-14.

Washington Update. 2011;19(12):13-14.