2011 Annual Author and Subject Index: Page 3 of 4

December 13, 2011


Keyes M. When Less is More. 2011;19(2):44-45.


Communication and Technology

Cefalu CA. Nursing Home Quality Measures: Do They Accurately Reflect Quality? 2011;19(9):33-36,39-40.

Ceronsky L, Weissman DE. Helping Families in Long-Term Care Facing Complex Decisions: Applying the Evidence About Family Meetings from Other Settings. 2011;19(2):27-32.

Handler SM, Sharkey SS, Hudak S, Ouslander JG. Incorporating INTERACT II clinical decision support tools into nursing home health information technology. 2011;19(11):23-26.

Poll PP. Medical Terms and Abbreviations Commonly Used in Long-Term Care Settings. 2011;19(3):20-24.


Digestive Tract and Gastrointestinal Disorders

Bhargava A, Andrews C, Belforti R. Acute Pancreatitis From Gastrostomy Tube Migration in a Nursing Home Resident. 2011;19(3):25-27.

Snyder S, Baum E. Chronic Mesenteric Ischemia: A Curable Case of Failure to Thrive. 2011;19(12):34-38.



McClintock SM, Staub B, Husain MM. The Effects of Electroconvulsive Therapy on Neurocognitive Function in Elderly Adults. 2011;19(3):32-38.


Editor’s Page

Warshaw G. Digging Deeper. 2011;19(1):7.

Warshaw G. Applying Clinical Experiences and Data from Other Settings. 2011;19(2):9.

Warshaw G. Considering the Possibilities. 2011;19(3):8.

Warshaw G. Transitioning Patients. 2011;19(4):8.

Warshaw G. End-of-Life Issues. 2011;19(5):8.

Warshaw G. Good Bacteria, Bad Bacteria. 2011;19(6):9.

Warshaw G. Small Changes, Big Impact. 2011;19(7):11.
Warshaw G. Educating to Protect. 2011;19(8):11.

Warshaw G. Medicare/Medicaid and Quality Care for the Elderly. 2011;19(9):11.

Warshaw G. Environmental Considerations. 2011;19(10):9.

Warshaw G. Avoiding Hospitalizations. 2011;19(11):9.

Warshaw G. Embracing Culture Change. 2011;19(12):9.


Eating Disorders

Bellia EG, Vella A. Maneuvering With Difficulty Around Jagged Edges: A Unique Case of Mixed Dysphagia Causing Recurrent Aspiration Pneumonia. 2011;19(9):42-43,47-49.

Champion A. Anorexia of Aging. 2011;19(10):18-24.

Gokula M, Rubeen S, Thotakura S. Does Amantadine Help Elderly Residents with Symptomless Dysphagia? 2011;19(5):37-40.


Ethical Issues in Long-Term Care

Pickens S, Halphen JM, Dyer CB. Elder Mistreatment in the Long-Term Care Setting. 2011;19(8):30-35.

Bishop C, Chau D. What is our Ethical Duty to Malingerers? 2011;19(11):36-40.


Difficult Case

Roche VML, Arnouville J, Danto-Nocton E, Govea J, Howell T, Malone M. Optimal Management of an Older Patient With Multiple Comorbidities and a Complex Psychosocial History. 2011;19(5):34-41.


First Report Conference Coverage

American Society of Consultant Pharmacists 2010 Annual Meeting and Exhibition. 2011;19(1):12-14.

American College of Rheumatology/Association of Rheumatology Health Professionals 2010 Annual Scientific Meeting. 2011;19(2):33-34.

American Epilepsy Society 64th Annual Meeting. 2011;19(3):15.

4th Annual Medicaid Managed Care Summit. 2011;19(3):16.

American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry Annual Meeting 2011. 2011;19(4):14-15.

American Academy of Pain Management 27th Annual Meeting. 2011;19(4):16.

AMDA—Long Term Care Medicine 2011. 2011;19(5):12-13.

ACC.11:60th Annual Scientific Session & Expo. 2011;19(5):14-16.

Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy 23rd Annual Meeting and Showcase. 2011;19(5):16.

American Geriatrics Society 2011 Annual Scientific Meeting. 2011;19(6):24-26.

American Society of Consultant Pharmacists Spring Conference and Exhibition. 2011;19(7):14-15.

American Society of Hypertension 26th Annual Scientific Meeting and Exposition. 2011;19(7):15-16.

Digestive Disease Week. 2011;19(7):16-17.

American Diabetes Association 71st Scientific Sessions. 2011;19(8):15-16,18-19.

American Urological Association Annual Meeting. 2011;19(8):20.

National Association of Directors of Nursing Administration in LTC 2011 Conference. 2011;19(9):15.

American Pain Society 30th Annual Meeting. 2011;19(9):16,18.

American Academy of Neurology 63rd Annual Meeting. 2011;19(9):19,23.

International Continence Society 41st Annual Meeting. 2011;19(10):15-17.

American Society for Bone and Mineral Research 2011 Annual Meeting. 2011;19(11):15-16.

American Academy of Family Physicians 2011 Scientific Assembly. 2011;19(11):17-18.

American Heart Association Scientific Sessions 2011. 2011;19(12):15-16.

2011 American Society of Consultant Pharmacists Annual Meeting and Exhibition. 2011;19(12):17-18.