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December 14, 2012

Subject Index

AALTCN Perspectives

Capek D. Changing Perceptions of Long-Term Care Nursing. 2012;20(4):42-43.

Mullins EJ. Long-Term Care Providers Assume a Starring Role in a Tough Healthcare Environment. 2012;20(1): 36-37.

AALTCN Viewpoint

Eliopoulos C. 21st Century Long-Term Care Demands That Nurses Upgrade Their Competencies. 2012;20(7):35-36.

Eliopoulos C. Recapturing Total-Person Care. 2012;20(1):34-35.

Eliopoulos C. The Need to Create a Culture of Learning. 2012;20(4):40-41.

AGS Viewpoint

AGS 2012 Annual Meeting Preview. 2012;20(1):9-10.

Innovation. 2012;20(2):9-10.

2012 Beers Criteria Update. 2012; 20(3):9-10.

Looming Funding Cut to Geriatrics Health Professions Training Programs Threaten Eldercare. 2012;20(4):9-10.

Treating Pain to Reduce Agitation and Aggression in Long-Term Care Residents With Dementia. 2012;20(5):14-15.

AGS Applauds New Measures to Re- duce Inappropriate Use of Antipsychotics. 2012;20(6):12-13.

AGS Earns Seat on Influential Panel. 2012;20(7):15.

AGS Collaborates With Leading Organizations to Revise Quality Measures. 2012;20(8):10-11.

Advancing Evidence-Based Clinical Care for Older Adults With Multimorbidity. 2012;20(9):12.

Optimizing Care for Multimorbid Adults Through Guiding Principles. 2012;20(10):8-9.

Preview of the 2013 AGS Annual Scientific Meeting. 2012;20(11):41-42.


Austin O. Prostate-Specific Antigen Prostate Cancer Screening: Answers to the Critical Questions. 2012;20(10):16-21.

Naqvi F, Limb Y, Fields SD. Managing Localized Prostate Cancer in a Septuagenarian With Dementia. 2012;20(2):36-40.

Dementia Care

Casey DA, Northcott C, Stowell K, Shihabuddin L, Rodriguez-Suarez M. Dementia and Palliative Care. 2012;20(1):21-26.

Forrest J, Long CO, Kuhn D, Alonzo TR, Frazier AL. Palliative Care Practice for Advanced Dementia: Regulatory Friend or Foe? 2012;20(1):17-20.

Seinelä LK, Virtanen A, Ripsaluoma J. Use of Cholinesterase Inhibitors Plus Memantine in Long-Term Care: A Resident Assessment Instrument Study. 2012:20(8):20-26.

Stallings JW, Thompson SK. Use of Art Therapy in Geriatric Populations. 2012;20(6):28-32.

Difficult Behaviors

Gibson R, Ferrini R. Difficult Resident or Personality Disorder? A Long-Term Care Perspective. 2012;20(11):20-28.

Hall E, Hategan A, Bourgeois J. Borderline Personality Disorder in Residential Care Facilities. 2012:20(8):34-38.

Lester PE, Garite A, Kohen I. Wandering and Elopement in Nursing Homes. 2012;20(3):32-36.

Perkins R. Evidence-Based Practice Interventions for Managing Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia in Nursing Home Residents. 2012;20(12):20-24.

Difficult Case Series

Roche V, Torregosa H, Howell T, Malone M. Establishing a Treatment Plan for an Elder With a Complex and Incomplete Medical History and Multiple Medical Providers, Diagnoses, and Medications. 2012;20(9):18-27.

Editor’s Page

Warshaw G. Resolving to Optimize Resident Care. 2012;20(1):8.

Warshaw G. Controversial, Underestimated, or Solutions Resisted. 2012;20(2):8.

Warshaw G. Movement Issues in Nursing Homes. 2012;20(3):8.

Warshaw G. Combating Infectious Pathogens Through Prudent Prescribing. 2012;20(4):8.

Warshaw G. Importance of Preventive Measures in Long-Term Care. 2012;20(5):12.

Warshaw G. Examining Comfort Issues in Long-Term Care. 2012;20(6):10.

Warshaw G. An Evolving Understanding of Pressure Ulcers and Skin Failure. 2012;20(7):11.

Warshaw G. Addressing Startling Behaviors in Long-Term Care. 2012;20(8):9.

Warshaw G. Determining the Benefits of Long-Term Care Placement. 2012;20(9):8.

Warshaw G. To Screen or Not to Screen. 2012;20(10):7.

Warshaw G. Understanding Patient Needs and Wants. 2012;20(11):9.

Warshaw G. Interventions for Behavioral Symptoms in Nursing Home Residents. 2012;20(12):8.

Ethical and Legal Issues

Dawson S, Lundebjerg N, Hansen JC. Building the Nation’s Eldercare Direct-Care Workforce: Policy Implications. 2012;20(8):40-42.

Guzman-Clark J, Reinhardt AK, Wilkins SS, Castle S. Decision-Making Capacity and Conservatorship in Older Adults. 2012;20(9):36-39.

Singer K, Clary P. Doing the Right Thing. 2012;20(6):40-41.

Smucker DR. Ending Hand Feeding of Patients With Advanced Cognitive Decline: What is “Doing the Right Thing”? 2012;20(6):41-42.

Falls and Injuries

Fragala G. Creating Safer Environments for Long-Term Care Staff and Residents. 2012;20(2):42-46.

Fragala G, Perry B, Fragala M. Examining Bed Width as a Contributor to Risk of Falls From Bed in Long-Term Care. 2012;20(6):35-38.

Haque R, Alavi Z. Mr. Smith is Falling Every Day: Conversion Disorder in an Elderly Man. 2012;20(11):30-35.

Hersh SP, Hersh JN. Vestibular Disorders in an Aging Population: Practical Applications for Long-Term Care Facilities. 2012;20(6):20-25.

Stippler M, Holguin E, Nemoto E. Traumatic Brain Injury in Elders. 2012;20(5):41-46.

First Report®

2011 American College of Rheumatology/Association of Rheumatology Health Professionals Annual Meeting. 2012;20(2):23-24.

2011 American Society of Consultant Pharmacists Annual Meeting and Exhibition. 2012;20(1):12-14.

2012 American Society of Consultant Pharmacists Spring Conference and Exhibition. 2012;20(7):19-21.

49th Annual Meeting of the Infec- tious Diseases Society of America. 2012;20(2):21-22.

AMDA Long-Term Care Medicine 2012. 2012;20(4):16-19.

American Academy of Family Physicians Scientific Assembly 2012. 2012;20(11):14-15.

American Academy of Neurology 2012 Annual Meeting. 2012;20(9):14-15.

American Academy of Pain Medicine 28th Annual Meeting. 2012;20(3):13- 14.

American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry (AAGP) 2012 Annual Meeting. 2012;20(5):18-19.

American College of Cardiology (ACC) 61st Annual Scientific Session & Expo. 2012;20(5):20-21.

American Diabetes Association 72nd Scientific Sessions. 2012;20(8):12-17.

American Epilepsy Society 65th Annual Meeting. 2012;20(3):14-15.

American Geriatrics Society 2012 Annual Meeting. 2012;20(6):16-18.

American Pain Society 31st Annual Scientific Meeting. 2012;20(9):13-14.

American Society of Clinical Oncology 2012 Annual Meeting. 2012;20(7):16-18.

American Urological Association 2012 Annual Meeting. 2012;20(10):13-14.

ID Week 2012. 2012;20(12):17-19.

Hallucinations and Delusions

Haider A. Charles Bonnet Syndrome in a Nonagenarian. 2012;20(10):30-33.

Haque R, Abdelrehman N, Alavi Z. “There’s a Monster Under My Bed”: Hearing Aids and Dementia in Long-Term Care Settings. 2012:20(8):28-33.

Pullen J, Teller J. Delusional Disorder Leading to Precipitous Weight Loss. 2012;20(12):32-36.

Roever CP, Vyas BB, Barnett MC, Sheyner I, Stewart JT. Visual Hallucinations in Long-Term Care. 2012; 20(2):25-30.

Health Information Technology

Page TF, Brown EL, Riggiano N, Roberts L, Hristidis V. Improving Care Delivering Using Health Information Technology in the Home Care Setting: Development of the Home Continuation Care Dashboard. 2012;20(12):26-30.

Letters to the Editor

Shaw PA. Borderline Personality Disorder in Residential Care Facilities. Response from: Hategan A. 2012;20(12):15-16.

LTC Bulletin Board













Medicare Update

Stefanacci RG. To the Point: Meeting Vaccination Quality Measures for Older Adults. 2012;20(1):28-31.

Medication Management

Gugkaeva Z, Franson M. Pharmacist-Led Model of Antibiotic Stewardship in a Long-Term Care Facility. 2012;20(10):22-26.

Khandelwal C, Lathren C, Sloane P. Ten Clinical Situations in Long-Term Care for Which Antibiotics are Often Prescribed but Rarely Necessary. 2012;20(4):23-29.

Zammit P. SSRI-Induced Hypoglycemia Causing Confusion in a Nondiabetic Octogenarian. 2012;20(3):28-30.


Niezgoda H, Miville A, Chambers L, Keller H. Issues and Challenges of Modified-Texture Foods in Long-Term Care: A Workshop Report. 2012;20(7):22-27.

Sallit J. Rationale for Zinc Supplementation in Older Adults With Wounds. 2012;20(1):39-41.

Oral Health

Stein P, Aalboe J, Skelton J, Bright B, Housely M. Meeting Oral Health Challenges in Long-Term Care. 2012;20(9):30-34.

Pain Management

Farless LB, Ritchie CS. Challenges of Pain Management in Long-Term Care. 2012;20(5):32-38.

Photo Quiz

Haider A. What is This Rash in an Elderly Long-Term Care Resident? 2012;20(12):39-41.

Skin Care and Related Issues

Hebert GR, Oakley J. Pressure Ulcer Prevention Education: Creative Ways to Engage Staff. 2012;20(7):37-38.

Lambert D. Prevention of Incontinence-Associated Dermatitis in Nursing Home Residents. 2012;20(5):25-29.

White-Chu EF, Langemo D. Skin Failure: Identifying and Managing an Underrecognized Condition. 2012;20(7):28-32.

Transitional Care

Epstein-Lubow G, Fulton AT. Post-Hospital Transitions for Individuals With Moderate to Severe Cognitive Impairment. 2012;20(3):18-24.

Park H. Care Transitions From Skilled Nursing Facilities to the Community. 2012;20(11):36-39.

Try This

Assessment of Fear of Falling in Older Adults: The Falls Efficacy Scale-International (FES-I). 2012;20(9):45-46.

Predicting Pressure Ulcer Risk. 2012;20(7):45-46.

Preparedness for Caregiving Scale. 2012;20(2):55-56.

Reducing Functional Decline in Older Adults During Hospitalization: A Best Practice Approach. 2012;20(10):47-48.

Use of the Functional Activities Questionnaire in Older Adults with Dementia.2012;20(10):41-42.

Urinary Tract Health

Genao L, Buhr GT. Urinary Tract Infections in Older Adults Residing in Long-Term Care Facilities. 2012;20(4):33-38.

Washington Update

Washington Update. 2012;20(2):14.

Washington Update. 2012;20(4):12-13.

Washington Update. 2012;20(6):13-14.

Washington Update. 2012;20(11):13.